Facebook doesn’t give a s*** about you or your business.

So a few days ago, my GFs Facebook got hacked on got changed to some ISIS flag which was a bit of a shock. Facebook immediately banned her account. Before this, she got a few emails saying that there was suspicious activity on her account and to update her password, which she did but guessing this made naff all of a difference as her account still got barred.

When she tried to log in, they asked for a form of ID which she uploaded, and we are now awaiting the decision to see if she gets her account back.

After googling hundreds, I found thousands of other people facing a similar issue regarding a hacked account, some going back as far back as 2014, which is insane. How have they still not solved this issue? To top it off, Instagram was linked to her Facebook, so she may have lost that too.

She had a fair following on Instagram, granted it wasn’t in the 10s of thousands of followers. Still, she worked incredibly hard to get it to where it was and for it to just disappear in an instance is gut-wrenching. All we can do now is wait, but after having a read, many people didn’t get their account back, many people business accounts were never returned, which is awful, especially if you have used messenger or Facebook to communicate with your customers and make a living.

What is more confusing is that a few days ago, I had some transactions leave my bank account for Facebook, which I didn’t recognise. It was from an account that I never attached to Facebook, so I was shocked why I had these transactions. Luckily my bank was able to dispute and cancel the payments and refund me them, and the only thing I can think of that I did that day was delete my Instagram account. It may be Facebook trying to claw back some money before I went, but it was a bit disgusting. I had no emails saying we were taking this money, I didn’t have any ads running, and the last time I ever ran any ads was back in 2017.

So any advice to anyone that has got a hacked Facebook / Instagram account cut the ties and forget about it, seen as everything is automated and there are no actual humans you can talk to, you have no chance of getting your account back.

Update: turns out if you make a Facebook store that’s linked to your Etsy account that’s how they managed to get access to my bank account as I allowed my GF to use my card for some Etsy ads and somehow they were able to access it.

Iv luckily managed to get all the transactions refunded back to my bank but heed my advice your not safe in this world

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