How to Watch a Movie or TV Show Online For FREE.

There are well over 30+ subscription TV services out there. If you are not sure what I mean, I’m referring to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max etc.

Suppose you were to purchase all of these subscription services. In that case, you’d be paying thousands per month, which is ludicrous considering the shows may eventually hit our tv screen anyways. One show might move to another platform, so what you thought you could watch one day, you wouldn’t be able to in a week or so. 

Now I have subscription accounts for Netflix and amazon prime. I hardly watch either I only have them for the odd forgotten tv show that I don’t own on DVD or a movie from the 2000s that I have to see, granted they have exclusives that are subpar at most. Still, other than that, is it really worth paying for? 

To watch a movie online is actually incredibly easy. You Google it or Bing it whatever you use, type the following:

“Watch Movie / TV Show Name Online Free”

Replacing Movie / TV Show Name with the name of your show the main thing is adding “Watch, Online” and “Free” are included.

You can ignore the official sites that offer the tv show you’re looking for some sketchy website. You know the one when you see it a popular one is 123Movies. Yes, there are several if not hundreds of ads, but you can watch your show once you click past all that. 

I’ve used this method a majority of the time. I can’t count the number of times Netflix and Amazon have thrown a ton of money marketing a tv show that performed sub-par at best.

Alternatively, you torrent your tv show or movie or whatever you’re looking for from the dark web using a torrent client!

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

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