I can’t find anything to watch

photo of cup near flat screen television

I have a plethora of streaming options to hand, but it’s coming to a point where I’m “up to date”, so to say.

I wouldn’t call myself a movie buff, but I have must have seen thousands of films in a wide variety of languages and genres.

I don’t watch black and white films, granted I’m missing out on some classics, but I do like to have some special effects and not look so cheap.

I’m ahead of the curve, so to say I watch stuff as soon as it comes out, and once I’ve finished ill try and find the next best thing to watch, but there comes the point where there’s nothing to watch.

I have several backup tv shows I like to rewatch to keep my sanity, like Malcolm in the middle, friends, peep show, people just do nothing and so on, but even that can get tedious.

So what does one do? Youtube is becoming less and less attractive as time goes on as TikTok moves in to take the spotlight as the video streaming platform. Still, even those are only 3 mins long, don’t get me wrong, I must not have scowed everywhere, but it isn’t easy to satisfy a need for a specific tv or movie when there’s nothing out there.

I’m honestly looking at other enjoyment avenues, like some games or, god forbid, reading a book.

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