Should I feel guilty for having kids?

family of four walking at the street

The world is getting worse. We are overpopulated, burning through fossil fuels like nothing and have caused more pollution over the past 20 years than we ever have before, oh and its getting hotter!

The weather has slowly been changing. I’m going to bet we are in for some rough weather to come in the not so distant future, with rising sea levels due to climate change, soon to be lack of natural resources. It’s making me think about the future.

With everything happening in the world, I’m honestly debating whether or not to bring children into this world. My partner and I have longed for a big family as we both grew up with siblings. We would want at least 2-3 children.

My fear is, what life am I giving them? If I have three kids now, they’ll be roughly 18 by 2045. I can’t imagine what job there will be that hasn’t already been filled by one of the other hundreds of 18 years olds waiting in line. It is madness, and I couldn’t forgive myself if, for their 18th birthday, the world ends or something cataclysmic happens.

I know I am over worrying about the what-ifs, and it might never happen, but with things just getting worse and worse around the world, I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it further confirms my first thoughts.

So I’m highly debating not having kids, but I know it’s a must for my partner and me as I doubt she would be keen on the thought.

What’re your thoughts?

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