The secret to staying the same weight.

I’ve been 9-10 stone for the past ten years; I don’t do any exercise and sit on my arse 90% of the time.

From when I was 17/18 year’s old, I’ve always stayed around the same weight regardless of the intake of food or the amount of exercise.

My daily routine doesn’t consist of much; I’ll skip breakfast as I don’t feel like eating in the morning, and ill hold out till 6 pm, then I’ll have food which is a regular adult portion.

When it comes to the evening, I binge, binge a lot, cereals, crisps, pizza snacks, you name it ill eat it all, and by the time I’m full, then I fall asleep whilst watching some TV show.

So when my partner gets annoyed at me for not gaining weight even tho we practically eat the same, I tell her to do what I do, then again. My routine doesn’t work for everyone else.

I don’t agree with diets and programs as at the end of the day I’ve always thought good food is key and consistency; I see loads of people eating next to nothing sometimes to shave off that crucial stone.

If you’re going to try and lose weight, do it for the right reasons, don’t try and lose weight because of peer pressure or what society dictates we should look like.

Be yourself do what makes you happy, not what anyone else does.

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