Facebook doesn’t give a s*** about you or your business.

So a few days ago, my GFs Facebook got hacked on got changed to some ISIS flag which was a bit of a shock. Facebook immediately banned her account. Before this, she got a few emails saying that there was suspicious activity on her account and to update her password, which she did but guessing […]

I can’t find anything to watch

I have a plethora of streaming options to hand, but it’s coming to a point where I’m “up to date”, so to say. I wouldn’t call myself a movie buff, but I have must have seen thousands of films in a wide variety of languages and genres. I don’t watch black and white films, granted […]

The secret to staying the same weight.

I’ve been 9-10 stone for the past ten years; I don’t do any exercise and sit on my arse 90% of the time. From when I was 17/18 year’s old, I’ve always stayed around the same weight regardless of the intake of food or the amount of exercise. My daily routine doesn’t consist of much; […]

Should I feel guilty for having kids?

The world is getting worse. We are overpopulated, burning through fossil fuels like nothing and have caused more pollution over the past 20 years than we ever have before, oh and its getting hotter! The weather has slowly been changing. I’m going to bet we are in for some rough weather to come in the […]

How to Watch a Movie or TV Show Online For FREE.

There are well over 30+ subscription TV services out there. If you are not sure what I mean, I’m referring to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max etc. Suppose you were to purchase all of these subscription services. In that case, you’d be paying thousands per month, which is ludicrous considering the shows may eventually hit […]

Im selling almost all my clothes

Over lockdown and the past several years of working from home, I have concluded that I barely wear anything. Now I don’t mean stark naked; I tend to just wear the same stuff every day. When I was working in an actual office space with other colleagues, you would need to dress appropriately, which means […]

Hello, world!

This is my first post, and what’s it about? Well, nothing interesting so far as I’ve only just begun my adventure, but this is just a simple hello for now. I won’t go into detail about who I am. You can read more here if you really want to. I don’t have a set topic […]